Employee Performance

Employee Performance Incentives are focused on a company’s largest investment and most valuable asset: it’s people. SafetyPromo will assist in the development and implementation of an Employee Performance Program, not only help ensure that employee goals and objectives are achieved, but actually help employees develop or enhance job skills, improving performance and productivity. Common Employee Performance Programs include rewarding employees for attendance, team building, safety awareness, productivity, lead-generation and suggestions.

Program Details:

Star Icon“You’re A Star!” – Employee Suggestion Program

Employees are most often the best, most cost-effective source for suggestions to improve business processes. The “You’re A Star” Employee Suggestion Program allows employees to be rewarded each time a qualified suggestion is presented, implemented or proves a specified savings or improvement to the company.

Safety Icon“Safety First” – Safety Incentive Program

A well-planned Safety Incentive Program will lead to lower Workman’s Compensation premiums, fewer lost time accidents, increased productivity and healthier profits. SafetyPromo’ time tested and proven “Safety First” Program is an off-the-shelf incentive program utilizing scratch-off point cards to reward employees for working safe. By helping to create a safer work environment, employees can collect points and redeem them for award merchandise.

Peer to Peer IconPeer-to-Peer Points – Nomination Program

Peer-to-Peer Points allows employees at all levels express spontaneous, informal recognition among co-workers, often the most coveted form of recognition in the workplace. Employees are able to express appreciation for their peers who make a significant difference in everyday work life by nominating them to receive points redeemable for award merchandise. SafetyPromo’ Peer-to-Peer Points is administered online making the nomination, approval, reward and ordering process quick, fun and easy!

Gas IconMileageMasters – Fuel Conservation and Driver Program

America’s trucking companies and fleets are facing difficult times as diesel costs increase, reducing profitability and even straining companies’ resources. To assist trucking companies and company fleets, SafetyPromo has developed MileageMasters. The objective is simple: motivate drivers to utilize fuel saving techniques when operating their trucks by rewarding them with a portion of the fuel savings in the form of merchandise awards. SafetyPromo provides total turnkey program administration, providing all elements needed to operate a successful MileageMasters Program including program design, development, communications and awards.

SafetyPromo offers a variety of Employee Incentive options and you are not limited to the programs listed above. SafetyPromo can customize and develop an Employee Performance Incentive Program to meet any specified goals or objectives.